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MusiSpace Studios


MusiSpace Studios was created to be an incubator for music in Virginia’s Blue Ridge region. It will provide state-of-the-art facilities that feature amenities designed to give musicians and bands an experience through collaborating, practicing, rehearsing and producing music all in one place.

Musicians Collab. Rehearsal Studios. Practice Rooms. Production Workspaces. Recording Studio. Backline Gear. Storage Space. Ancillary Music and Entertainment Studio Spaces.


Musicians collaborating together is an amazing thing. The Collab will be a place that musicians and bands can create a community.  Personal workstations, sound-proof practice rooms, and rehearsal space will be available. Members will have access to the recording and rehearsal facilities, along with band storage and backline gear. MusiSpace Studios is designed to have an all-in-one membership package that will allow musicians to create and practice music in a safe and secure environment with ease. Daily, weekly and custom packages will be available as well. 


MusiSpace will provide a fully functional, state of the art rehearsal studio space, catering to local bands and international touring acts. We will have exceptional rehearsal spaces ranging in sizes, which include amenities that you would find in cities such as LA, NYC and Nashville. Each production and rehearsal space will provide complete privacy in a comfortable and professional working environment. Production offices, green rooms, and business amenities such as high speed internet services will be available.


Individual sound-proof practice rooms will be available for a wide variety of uses. These rooms can be equipped with house backline gear for individuals to be able to practice if they don't own their own equipment.


The recording studio will be tied into a rehearsal facility and have a separate vocal booth. It will be setup for open concept use by members of the Collab.


Backline gear is essential to a rehearsal facility. Top of the line gear will be available for members to use in our studios and for rent.


Why carry your gear in your car everyday or store it in a damp basement? Climate controlled storage spaces will be available for you to store your valuable gear. Members will have 24/7 access to the secure facility storage space. 

ANCILLARY MUSIC and entertainment BUSINESs office studios

Do you have a music business or entertainment company? You should consider being a part of MusiSpace Studios! If you think your business could add value to this community, we want to hear from you! The goal is to have ancillary business spaces and offices that directly impact this community of musicians. We are looking for a variety of entertainment and music business' to partner with us as we work to bring music services to the Blue Ridge region. 

We also are actively pursuing music business outside of the Roanoke Valley that this area may not have direct access to.


Blue ridge rocks

MusiSpace took over management of this amazing collaborative music hub and will keep the vision alive and take it to the next level. We value the vision of Blue Ridge Rocks and plan to engage and expand the community to reach new heights. If you want to contribute to this amazing project, please contact us. 

Our vision for Blue Ridge Rocks is to provide the ultimate music guide in Virginia’s Blue Ridge region. We plan to build on what was started by the previous owners and create a new comprehensive musical experience. We will engage the community, create amazing content, and expand the readership by revamping the online presence through a new web design. We will enhance the amazing contribution of articles, music reviews, and artist spotlights by adding an up-to-date calendar of events and a brand new artist and venue directory and picture gallery. We will utilize Facebook and Instagram Live to engage our followers and grow concert awareness. We will encourage anyone to submit content for review and establish a verified contributor program. Our office will be open for contributors to have a creative space to write and create content. We also plan to establish a brand new partnership program with music businesses. We look forward to growing with this community of music fans, writers, promoters, and musicians by providing the Blue Ridge region of Virginia with the most comprehensive information on the local music scene.

We are very pleased to be taking over management of Blue Ridge Rocks and look forward to this transition. The previous management and editors have created an amazing place for music. We encourage all former contributors to contact us as we want to continue using you and anyone else who is interested. We are establishing an online submission platform to make it easy to submit content. We are interested in submissions containing concert reviews, interviews for artist spotlights, articles on venues and music businesses, photography from shows and festivals, and news about what is happening in the region in music. We want to provide a unique comprehensive music guide everyone will enjoy.

We plan to establish great relationships with every venue, promoter, and music business in the region. We will be reaching out soon; starting with the connections provided to us by the previous management. We are creating a contributors/media strategy that will allow us to work together to promote live music through Blue Ridge Rocks. We are excited to be a part of this community and to do our part to help it grow.